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I believe in the power of touch.

Touch connects us, it creates feelings of well-being, it reduces stress, it allows us to feel seen and to feel loved.

We all need touch in our lives and the truth is, many of us don’t get enough. Touch is absolutely essential to our well-being. Social scientists have demonstrated that even a simple touch from a stranger has profound effects on our emotions. Imagine what intentional touch from a loved one can do for our well-being!

It is in this spirit that I have created a video series called “Thai for Two—Instructional Thai Massage.”

Watch the trailer below…

Thai Massage is a clothes on, no special skills, strength or tools required kind of bodywork that anyone can learn and everyone will enjoy. Thai massage uses traction and stretching, bodyweight, rocking, and physics to create a massage that feels as good to give as it does to receive. It really is mutually beneficial! It’s like yoga and massage, all in one.



In these videos, you will learn simple Thai massage techniques that you can enjoy at home with your loved ones. No experience is needed and no fancy equipment required; just a willingness to take the time to practice together.  Thai massage is unique in that it is a way to both give and receive at the same time.  I believe in the power of touch to connect us and draw us closer together as humans, as lovers, as friends, as family members. 

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My sincere hope is that we as a community learn to touch and connect with each other in a safe, meaningful way.

Thai Massage not only creates compassion and empathy, but it fosters health and vitality in both the giver and the receiver. I’m not saying the practice of Thai Massage will change the world for the better but then again, it just might.