My Story

Yoga found me in 1994 while I was studying theater in Orlando Florida. Three years later, I landed in India to study yoga and I ended up finding my life’s calling. I have studied with some truly amazing instructors over the years including David Swenson, Beryl Bender Birch and Jason Crandall. I began teaching yoga in 1997 in a small art studio in Olympia, Washington and I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga ever since. I am experienced in Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa yoga. I have a keen eye for postural details while my heart soars for a good strong flow.

I am a fan of anatomy and physiology; I am also a hands-on instructor and truly enjoy helping people improve their practice. I strive to teach a thoughtful and dynamic class, with emphasis not only on the tangible elements of the practice but also the ways yoga develops our inner and higher selves. Yoga helps me experience both freedom and union in my body and my mind.

I first experienced the wonder of Thai Massage as a backpacker in Thailand in 1996. I was amazed at the fluidity and depth of the work and the many parallels with yoga postures. I became a licensed massage therapist in 2002 and have been studying and practicing Thai massage exclusively since 2010. For me, giving Thai massage is an expression of “metta” or loving kindness; it is a moving breathing synergistic experience that is profoundly healing for both the giver and receiver.  

I don’t consider myself a healer; I am a teacher, a helper, and a good listener. I truly like and am interested in the people who cross my path and I am humbled and honored that people continue to knock on my door and seek me out. I joyfully interact on a daily basis with truly wonderful people of all backgrounds and I know this is a big part of what draws me to do what I do.

I am also a mother to a beautiful son; this role is my most rewarding and challenging and has shaped me more than anything else. We live a good life on a far-flung dragon-head shaped peninsula with views in every direction of mountains, ocean, islands and trees.

I am very grateful for all of it.

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